Building a Partnership

We have the capacity to produce everything from a simple post cards, brochures or Annual Reports to complex showcase catalogs or Sales Collateral  -- whatever your campaign, we’ll produce it for you. 

We combine flexibility and professionalism, offering clients a powerful partnership. Our services fit the needs of the small start-up business to large fortune-500 companies with solutions that fit any marketing budget. So whatever your project may be, rest assured that our skilled production team will make sure it comes off without a hitch. 
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It Starts with Experience

Three and half years after coming to the United Stated from Czechoslovakia, as a political refugee, Jan Tretina, Sr. quickly realized that providing for a family of six and keeping his dreams alive required more than holding down 3 jobs. The printing experience as well as the work ethic Jan brought with him were going to be the building blocks of what was to become Tretina Printing.

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Commitment to the client

Our clients and their success are our primary focus.  We work hand in hand with clients to ensure their delight. We build client trust by tailoring our approach to each project,  to the client’s specific needs and then executing that approach. 

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Printing is the art of taking one requirement and making it into something new. It's a transformative art that can renew and revitalize whole campaigns.

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